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Link Activity

Unidad 1 Etapa 2 Mis buenos amigos


In Mis buenos amigos, you learned how to describe your friends' unique style—from the way they look to what they like and what they wear. Culture influences a person's style. It also becomes part of a place. Spanish and Mexican American cultures have been influencing Texas history, culture, and daily life since the 1700s.


Surf these three links to see the kinds of influences that Spanish and Mexican American culture have had in Texas. You might want to have a notepad nearby to jot down details that you think are important as you explore these links.

  • When was San Antonio founded?
  • What places would you tell someone to visit in San Antonio?
  • Who are the musicians that have helped the development of Tejano music? Name at least 3.
  • Why are young people encouraged to participate in Texas's government?
  • How can young people participate in Texas's government?

Project Vote elections/ projectvote/ index.htm
Young people are encouraged to take part in Texas's government at this site.

Tejano Music (English) tejano/ tejhistory.html
Everything you need to know about the history of Tejano music.


After viewing the links, think about the place where you live. What cultural influences can you see in its buildings and music or food? What things do you and your friends like to do? On a separate sheet of paper, draw a map of your community. With a classmate or on your own, write down sentences that might describe the place where you live, what kinds of buildings there are, where people come from, and what they do. Write as many sentences as you can.