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Link Activity

Unidad 5 Etapa 1 ¿Cómo es tu rutina?


In ¿Cómo es tu rutina? you learned to describe your daily routine, talk about grooming, tell others to do something, and discuss daily chores. Barcelona was the setting where you learned these things. It is a city of many surprising turns, rich in history, and very cosmopolitan. What people, things or places in Barcelona stand out in your mind? How are they similar to or different from places and people that stand out where you live?


Surf the following links to take a virtual tour of Barcelona. Use the following questions and your own observations as you move through virtual Barcelona. You might want to keep a notebook nearby to jot down ideas and interesting bits of information.

  • What are some characteristics of Barcelona that make it a friendly destination for the traveler? (Think about transportation, lodging, and food.)
  • What are some sites in Barcelona that travelers should not miss? In what area of the city are those sites located?
  • How do people in Barcelona cope with the challenges of daily life in a modern city while maintaining its rich history, traditions, and an ecologically sound attitude?
  • What do young people in Barcelona think is important about their city?

Barcelona (English) spain/ barcelon/
Visit points of interest in Barcelona, read about its history, and get useful travel information for a real-time adventure!

Festival Mundial de la Joventut Barcelona 2004 (English/Spanish/Catalan) festivaljoventut/ eng/ portada.htm
Take a virtual tour of the 2004 World Youth Festival in Barcelona.

Centro de Cultura Contemporánia de Barcelona (English/Spanish/Catalan) cat/ cccb.htm
Read about how Barcelona maintains a careful balance between tradition and development to preserve the city's beauty and burgeoning urban culture


Look at your notes. How does visiting another place help you understand the lifestyles of other cultures and of your own? Make a cluster diagram showing what type of information helps people find their way in a place they are visiting for the first time. Work with a classmate if you would like help. As a starting point, you might write ´Información que nos ayuda a conocer lugares y personasª in the center of your diagram. Explain your diagram to the class.