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Link Activity

Unidad 2 Etapa 1 Un día de clases


In Un día de clases, you have learned how to talk about your life at school—from school subjects, classroom activities, and how often you do each one. Think about the subjects you like to study. Which ones do you think are important for your future? The choices you make now will have an effect on your future, so read on, think, and decide!


Look at the following links to schools in Mexico to see what subjects schools teach, and how they are preparing students for the future. As you explore the links, think about the following questions. You might keep a notepad nearby to jot down ideas.

  • What subjects seem to be core subjects? Where are they taught?
  • Why are these subjects important? How are these subjects connected to the student's future?
  • What have I learned in this Etapa that helps me interpret the information that I found?
  • What advice would I give to a friend who is trying to choose one of these schools? How would I support my advice?

American Institute of Monterrey (English/Spanish)
See what students in Mexico are learning.

Colegio Latinoamericano de México (Spanish) index.html
See what un día de clases might be like in the Colegio.

Instituto Thomas Jefferson (English/Spanish)
Pay a virtual visit to the Instituto Thomas Jefferson.


Look at your notes. Based on what you know and what you have found, make a grid chart on a separate piece of paper. Include headings for core subjects and each school. Then place a check mark under the school where the subject is taught. Think of why you would recommend each school to a friend. Alone or with a classmate, write down three reasons for each. For example, <<Te gusta estudiar la computación. Tienes que estudiar en una escuela donde enseñan computación.>> Use your chart to support your statements.