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Link Activity

Unidad 1 Etapa 1 ¡Bienvenido a Miami!


In Bienvenido a Miami you have seen how groups of Spanish speakers in the United States have things in common and things that make them different from each other. One thing that many Spanish speakers share is bilingualism–they speak both English and Spanish.

How does this affect everyday life? Bilingual people have access to twice the amount of media. If you are a businessperson, this means that you can appeal to a larger number of customers in the U.S. and in other parts of the world.


Explore the following links to see how Spanish speakers in the U.S. use their cultural and linguistic skills to participate in business both locally and globally. You might want to keep a notebook nearby to jot down ideas as you think about the following questions:

  • How do these businesspeople see the role of Hispanic culture in their markets?
  • What advantage does knowing Spanish give the businessperson or organization?
  • What have I learned in this Etapa that supports or challenges the information that I found?
  • What advice would I give to a business that wanted to market to the Spanish-speaking community in the United States?


HACEMOS faq.htm
HACEMOS is an organization that advises businesses on how to play a positive role in the community, and how to reach Spanish speaking markets.

Miami International Trade Board (English) ITC/ home.asp
Read about how Miami does business with the world.

Link-200610411162 http://google


Look at your notes. Based on what you know and what you found, pick a community in the United States where you would sell a product geared to both English and Spanish speakers. What product would it be? Could you use words that you know in Spanish to think of a slogan? Look at page 45 of your textbook to get ideas.

On your own or with a classmate, draw a chart that includes the categories Comunidad, Producto, Palabras on the Y axis, and then fill in the chart. You might compare your choices of communities, products, and slogans with one or more classmates. Whose idea do you think has the best chance of success? Why? Present your findings to the class.