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Step 1:
Download several maps of Oaxaca that give you a good view of the city, its streets, and the locations of some of its major tourist attractions. Use the links provided in the Maps of the city of Oaxaca section. Then go to the Restaurants in Oaxaca list of Web sites and choose two places you will eat during your trip and mark them on the map. Fill in the information about them in the following table.


Tipo de comida



Step 2:
Use the links in the section on Oaxacan arts and crafts. Find information about three typical types of handicrafts you might find in Oaxaca, and complete the following table. Then research two places where you might be able to buy these items, and fill in the second table. Mark the location of the two places on your map.

Nombre de artesanía

¿Qué es?


Sitio para comprar artesanía



Step 3:
You are going to create two documents to show your supervisor that you can handle the trip. The first is a short description of three local handicrafts you can buy and where they can be purchased. The second is a set of directions telling how you will get from one place to the next:

  1. the first location to purchase handicrafts
  2. the first restaurant
  3. the second location to purchase handicrafts
  4. the second restaurant

Write out the directions using street names and numbers from the maps you downloaded and marked up in Steps 1 and 2.