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Return to book index Unidad 3 : San Juan, Puerto Rico: El fin de semana

Step 1:
Conduct an informal survey asking your classmates which are their favorite foods, using the questions in the chart below. Record their answers in the chart below. Notice the patterns in their answers. Do your classmates enjoy eating healthy meals? Are your classmates junk food lovers? Which food items do they like more than others and when do they eat them?

¿Qué comida(s) te gusta(n) más?

¿Qué comida(s) te gusta(n) menos?

¿Cuándo comes las comidas que te gustan?

¿Cómo son las comidas que comes?

Me gustan más las frutas.

Me gusta menos la carne.

Como fruta en el desayuno.

Son ricas. No son nutritivas.

Me gusta(n) más ____________.

Me gusta(n) menos _____________.

Como __________en ___________.

Son __________. No son ___________.

Step 2:
Go online and use the sites provided in the resources section of this activity to help you become familiar with the dishes prepared in Puerto Rico, El Salvador, and Peru. Read each recipe. Take notes on how the main ingredients are prepared. Do you notice any similarities or differences on how the ingredients are used? Are there any similarities or differences on how the dishes are prepared in these countries? Use the diagram below to write down your impressions.

Step 3:
Compare the diagram and think about how the ingredients in the recipes match the foods that you and your classmates enjoy eating. Make a decision about what you would like to propose as an appetizer, main entrée, dessert, and beverage for the class dinner. Finally, write a paragraph proposing a date and a time for the dinner, and the dishes that you would like to serve.

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