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Step 1:
To give your parents choices on how to travel to Mexico City from Monterrey, Nuevo León, create a table of data with departure and arrival times and dates using the Mexican traveling systems (buses, trains, planes), using information from the transportation websites. Choose the best itinerary for each form of transportation and write it in the chart. You can use this table to organize the information that you find, or create your own organizer.


Salida (Departure)

Llegada en la Ciudad de México (Arrival in Mexico City)

Salida (Departure)

Llegada en Monterrey (Arrival at back in Monterrey)

Autobuses (Buses)


Trenes (Trains)


Aviones (Planes)


Next, to explain the information in the table, for each means of transportation, write a sentence using the phrases Hay que salir de... and/or Tenemos que salir de... (We have to leave from...) that gives the time frame for each trip. Turn in both the table and the explanation.

Step 2:
Create an agenda for each day that you will be in Mexico City. Pick two sights to see or places to go for each day. To get an idea of what you want to do, visit the places of interest sites. Then choose two places for each day. You will need to make sure that the museums and places of interest are open during the times you want to visit. To find out when these places are open, visit their particular sites. Organize your information in a table like the following one, or create your own organizer.

Día de la semana

Lugar (Place) #1 (include hours and days open)

Lugar (Place) #2 (include hours and days open)















Step 3:
Pick one of the sights you used in Step 2, and write a short paragraph that describes the things to do and to see in that place. Visiting this place will be your main reason for going to Mexico City and should be an attraction your parents would like to see. Remember you are trying to convince them to take you to Mexico City. You will need to go back to the site and find what there is to do in that particular place.