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This summer you and three other students are going to Barcelona, where you will be sharing a house with a teacher chaperone and taking Spanish classes at a local institute. Each student must investigate some of the different neighborhoods in Barcelona and make suggestions as to where he or she would like to live. Your teacher has promised to help you throw a party after everyone has arrived in Barcelona, and would also like you to suggest a selection of regional Catalán dishes for the party menu.

Locate a house that is available for rent and provide a menu for the party that will begin your stay. You will need to include the following information:

  • a neighborhood in Barcelona where you would like to live
  • a description of three houses or apartments that are available for rent there
  • a menu with typical Catalán dishes for the party

Each of these will be the result of one step in your information gathering. At the end of the three steps, you will turn in your work to your teacher.