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La Ciudad de México

Imagine that you and your family are visiting family friends in Monterrey, Nuevo León, in the northern part of Mexico. After the visit, your parents plan to take you and your sister on a tour of small towns around Monterrey for a week. You would rather spend the week in Mexico City, but your parents don't know much about how to get there or what to do there, which is why they like the idea of visiting the small towns. However, they are willing to let you convince them to go to Mexico City. You need to prepare all the information necessary to make them change their minds!

Create a detailed itinerary for a week's vacation with your family in Mexico City. You will need to prepare the following information:

  • traveling arrangements
  • agendas for 5 days in Mexico City
  • a description of what you consider to be the main attraction in Mexico City

Each of these will be the result of one step in your information gathering. At the end of the three steps, you will turn in your work to your teacher, who will tell you whether or not you have convinced your parents to go to Mexico City.