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Los latinos en Estados Unidos

Imagine that you are working as an intern for a television station. Your supervisor is going to allow you to come up with an idea and a treatment for a half-hour television program that profiles an outstanding member, living or dead, of the U.S. Latino community. You will need to identify the major Latino communities in the U.S., find out about members of those communities, choose one and write a short profile of that person. You will turn in this information to your supervisor, who will then decide whether or not to go ahead and turn your treatment into a television program. You want to choose a person who is interesting enough to make your supervisor want to do the program, so that you can be involved in creating it!

Create a brief biography of a prominent or outstanding Latino in the U.S. You will need to include the following information.

  • information on Latino communities in the U.S.
  • three possible people to profile, each from a different Latino community
  • a short profile of the person you choose for your treatment

Each of these will be the result of one step in your information gathering. At the end of the three steps, you will turn in your work to your teacher, who will tell you whether or not you have convinced your supervisor to go ahead with the program.