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More About Estados Unidos

Murales are popular art sometimes found on the sides of buildings in L.A. Often their artists are Chicano, or Mexican American. In the 20th century, Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros, three Mexican artists, painted works of art on the walls of public places. The main themes of these murals are the liberation of the masses, the Mexican revolution, and Mexico's past culture. What street art have you seen?

For more about murals in Los Angeles:

Fajitas reflect the Mexican influence on Los Angeles cuisine. This "Tex-Mex" dish usually consists of vegetables, meat, or chicken wrapped in flour tortillas. What Mexican dishes have you tried?

For more about Tex-Mex food:

El Álamo, a former Spanish mission from 1718, reminds us how long Spanish influences have been in San Antonio. This Franciscan mission was converted into a fortress in 1793. In 1836, during the Texan Revolution against Mexican rule, a group of Texans, including Davy Crockett, retreated to the Alamo. They remained under siege for 12 days. Eventually all Texans inside were killed. In what other parts of the U.S. might someone be able to visit a former Spanish mission?

For an illustrated time line on the history of El Álamo:

Cascarones, brightly colored eggshells, are sometimes used by their makers as heads of figurines. They are also often collected as pieces of folk art. Cascarones filled with confetti are used to celebrate the April Fiesta. People break them on each other's heads for good luck. What do you do to celebrate events in your community?

El sándwich cubano, filled with ham, pork, and cheese, is a popular meal in Miami brought there by Cubans. Some other traditional Cuban dishes are arroz con pollo (rice with chicken), moros y cristianos (rice with beans), and yuca con mojo (cassava root with marinated sauce). Which of these dishes have you tried?

Jon Secada, Cuban American singer and songwriter, performs in English and Spanish. He has won Grammy awards for his work. His album Otro día más sin verte won a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album; his album Amor won a Grammy for Latin Pop Performance. What other Latino musicians do you know?

This girl is dressed for her quinceañera, or fifteenth birthday party. The quinceañera is a special tradition for girls in Latino culture.