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Chapter 1: Earth as a System


Examine Earth from a new perspective.
Keycode: ES0101


Observe a raindrop traveling through various paths of the water cycle.
Keycode: ES0105



Observe a visual model of Earth's spheres.
Keycode: ES0102


Observe an animation showing evidence of the carbon cycle.
Keycode: ES0106

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Chapter 2: The Nature of Science


Examine a case of how technology facilitated discovery.
Keycode: ES0203



Observe some products of a Geographic Information System (GIS).
Keycode: ES0204

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Chapter 3: Models of Earth


Observe one place at many scales.
Keycode: ES0302



Observe many representations of a single place.
Keycode: ES0304

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Chapter 4: Earth's Structure and Motion


Observe an animation showing the origin of the solar system.
Keycode: ES0401


Explore a model of Earth's daily rotation.
Keycode: ES0404


Explore a model of Earth's yearly revolution around the sun.
Keycode: ES0408



Observe evidence of Earth turning about an axis.
Keycode: ES0403


Observe the view of the night sky from the same location over a year.
Keycode: ES0407

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Chapter 5: Atoms to Minerals


Examine 3-D models of common molecules.
Keycode: ES0503


Observe common objects made of minerals.
Keycode: ES0505



Observe a model of a buckminsterfullerene.
Keycode: ES0504

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Chapter 6: Rocks


Examine rocks from a satellite view and zoom in to a microscopic view.
Keycode: ES0601


Observe an animation of clastic sedimentary rocks forming.
Keycode: ES0605



Observe how sediments are deposited.
Keycode: ES0604


Observe an animation of metamorphic rocks forming.
Keycode: ES0607

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Chapter 7: Resources and the Environment


Observe an animation showing coal form.
Keycode: ES0701



Observe an animation of nuclear fission.
Keycode: ES0702

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Chapter 8: Plate Tectonics


Observe how alternating magnetic polarity is recorded in rocks at mid-ocean ridges.
Keycode: ES0803


Observe an animation of convection in the mantle.
Keycode: ES0805


Examine an animation of plate movement predicted for the future.
Keycode: ES0807



Observe animations of processes that occur along plate boundaries.
Keycode: ES0804


Observe an animation of the breakup of Pangaea.
Keycode: ES0806


Observe an animation showing growth of a continent.
Keycode: ES0808

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Chapter 9: Volcanoes


Observe an animation of volcanism at a subduction zone.
Keycode: ES0902


Observe an animation of volcanic islands forming over a hot spot.
Keycode: ES0904



Observe an animation of volcanism along a rift zone.
Keycode: ES0903


Examine video clips of erupted materials.
Keycode: ES0905

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Chapter 10: Earthquakes


Observe animations of earthquake waves.
Keycode: ES1002


Examine a map showing earthquake risks.
Keycode: ES1007



Observe video taken during an earthquake.
Keycode: ES1005


Examine P and S waves moving through Earth's interior.
Keycode: ES1009

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Chapter 11: Mountain Building


Examine animations of fault motion.
Keycode: ES1103



Observe an animation of the Himalayas forming.
Keycode: ES1105

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Chapter 12: Weathering, Soil, and Erosion


Observe the effects of mechanical weathering.
Keycode: ES1201


Examine a landscape formed by erosion.
Keycode: ES1205



Observe the chemical weathering of feldspar to clay.
Keycode: ES1202

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Chapter 13: Surface Water


Observe how sediment is transported by flowing water.
Keycode: ES1303


Observe changes in the channel of a meandering river.
Keycode: ES1306



Observe river erosion creating waterfalls and chasms.
Keycode: ES1305

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Chapter 14: Ground Water


Observe an animation showing how geysers erupt.
Keycode: ES1403



Observe an animation of cave formation.
Keycode: ES1405

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Chapter 15: Glaciers


Examine the seasonal migration of snow cover.
Keycode: ES1501


Observe the retreat of ice sheets from North America.
Keycode: ES1505



Observe how glaciers erode bedrock surfaces.
Keycode: ES1502


Observe changes in Earth's orbit that contribute to climate change.
Keycode: ES1506

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Chapter 16: Wind, Waves, and Currents


Observe an animation showing the formation of an arch.
Keycode: ES1601


Observe an animation of wave motion.
Keycode: ES1604


Examine an example of wave erosion.
Keycode: ES1606



Observe the formation of loess deposits.
Keycode: ES1602


Observe waves as they break on the shore.
Keycode: ES1605

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Chapter 17: Atmosphere


Observe auroras as seen from the ground and from space.
Keycode: ES1703


Examine infrared images that show variation in surface temperature.
Keycode: ES1705



Observe seasonal changes in the amount of sunlight reaching locations on Earth.
Keycode: ES1704


Observe forest fires as seen from space.
Keycode: ES1707

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Chapter 18: Water in the Atmosphere


Observe animated satellite images of water vapor.
Keycode: ES1801


Observe clouds form and dissipate.
Keycode: ES1803



Observe images of advection fog.
Keycode: ES1802


Examine an animation of hail forming.
Keycode: ES1805

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Chapter 19: The Atmosphere in Motion


Observe how air pressure affects a rising balloon.
Keycode: ES1901


Observe an animation of land and sea breezes.
Keycode: ES1903


Observe how the Coriolis effect influences wind direction.
Keycode: ES1905



Examine how barometric pressure changes with weather conditions.
Keycode: ES1902


Observe an animation of the Coriolis effect over Earth's surface.
Keycode: ES1904

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Chapter 20: Weather


View satellite movies of air masses moving across North America.
Keycode: ES2001


Observe an animation of a thunderstorm.
Keycode: ES2004


Observe an animation of a hurricane.
Keycode: ES2008



Compare and contrast warm and cold fronts.
Keycode: ES2002


Examine an animation of a tornado.
Keycode: ES2006

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Chapter 21: Climate and Climate Change


Observe images of different climate zones.
Keycode: ES2103



Observe how nature records climate change.
Keycode: ES2104

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Chapter 22: The Water Planet


Explore a 3-D model of water molecules.
Keycode: ES2201


Explore coral reefs around the world.
Keycode: ES2205



Discover areas of highest plant productivity in the ocean.
Keycode: ES2203

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Chapter 23: The Ocean Floor


Explore life at a hydrothermal vent.
Keycode: ES2302


Observe the origins of some ocean floor sediments.
Keycode: ES2305



Observe islands in various stages of atoll formation.
Keycode: ES2303

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Chapter 24: The Moving Ocean


Examine global surface currents.
Keycode: ES2401


Observe how upwelling occurs.
Keycode: ES2405



Observe how the monsoon changes direction.
Keycode: ES2402

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Chapter 25: Earth's Moon


Observe images illustrating the impact theory of the moon's formation.
Keycode: ES2501


Observe a lunar eclipse.
Keycode: ES2504



Examine the phases of the moon from Earth and space.
Keycode: ES2503


Observe solar eclipses.
Keycode: ES2505

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Chapter 26: The Sun and the Solar System


Examine the sun at different wavelengths.
Keycode: ES2601

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Chapter 27: The Planets and the Solar System


Examine the vast distances between planets in the solar system.
Keycode: ES2701


Observe an animation of a comet's passage through the solar system.
Keycode: ES2706



Observe how radar was used to map Venus.
Keycode: ES2702


Observe an animation of meteor showers.
Keycode: ES2707

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Chapter 28: Stars and Galaxies


Observe an exploded star at different wavelengths.
Keycode: ES2801


Examine eclipsing binary stars from several perspectives.
Keycode: ES2805


Examine the Milky Way Galaxy at different scales.
Keycode: ES2808



Observe the change in a star's spectrum as its motion changes.
Keycode: ES2802


Observe the life stages of stars from birth to death.
Keycode: ES2807


Observe some regular, irregular, and very peculiar galaxies.
Keycode: ES2809

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Chapter 29: Studying the Past


Observe how fossils can form.
Keycode: ES2901



Observe an animation showing the formation of an unconformity.
Keycode: ES2902

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Chapter 30: Views of Earth's Past


Observe the breakup of Pangaea.
Keycode: ES3005



Observe an animation of an asteroid impact at the end of the Cretaceous Period.
Keycode: ES3006

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