Tool Tips and Practice
Plotting Tool

Graphics that appear with columns of numbers and blank fields in the Tools area are prepared for you to enter values and display them on a plot or graph.

  !   Follow the instructions below the Tools area to plot points on a graph. Use the following sample data.

Year Area
1979 0
1981 3,300,000
1983 9,300,000
1985 14,500,000
1987 20,000,000
1989 19,000,000
1991 20,000,000



Tool Tips

  • To enter values, click in the appropriate light gray field to activate the cell, then type the value. Do NOT use commas in the values you enter.
  • When all the light gray fields are filled, click the PLOT button and examine the graph.
  • If you made any mistakes in entering the values, simply change the value in the gray field and click PLOT again.
  • BEFORE YOU LEAVE A PLOT PAGE, be sure you have answered all the questions on that page, and sketched the graph on your answer sheet. Once you leave a plot page, you will have to re-enter the values if you want to examine the graph again.
  • NOTE: Some plot pages have two steps. After you have completed the first plot accurately, and have answered any questions about it, click the button at the bottom of the Instructions area to move to the next plot.
  • If you need to go back to the first plot, click your browser's Refresh or Reload button.


  • If the columns of numbers and blank fields or a graph doesn't appear on a page where the instructions indicate they should be, your computer may have some issues with the Shockwave Plug-in. See Shockwave FAQ site.