Tool Tips and Practice
Drag and Drop Graphics

Graphics that appear with a set of small images or icons in the Tools area are prepared for you to "drag and drop" the icons to new locations on the main image area.

  !   Follow the instructions below the Tools area at left to place the moveable icons in the columns where they match.


Tool Tips

  • Choose any graphic from the Tools area, then click and drag to its new location.
  • While you remain on the drag and drop page, all the graphics remain moveable—even after you have "dropped" a graphic in a new place, you can move it again until you leave the page.
  • BEFORE YOU LEAVE A PAGE where you moved items to new locations, be sure you have answered all the questions on that page that refer to it. Once you leave a page where you have dragged items to new locations, they will revert to their original locations.


  • If the image or ruler tool doesn't appear on a page where the instructions indicate they should be, your computer may have some issues with the Shockwave Plug-in. See Shockwave FAQ site.