Tool Tips and Practice
Drawing Tool

Graphics that appear with a set of colors and "Clear" buttons in the Tools area on the left have been prepared so that you can draw on or annotate the associated image. Read and follow the tips that appear below, and practice drawing on this image to become familiar with the tool.

  !   Follow the instructions below the Tools area on the left to outline layers or highlight the faults in the image.



Tool Tips

  • Use slow, steady mouse motion to produce smooth lines.
  • If you are unhappy with a line, click the "Clear" button of that color to erase ALL lines of that color.
  • The width of the drawing line cannot be changed.
  • If you want to print an image you have annotated, use your computer's operating system to take a screen shot.


  • If the image or ruler tool doesn't appear on a page where the instructions indicate they should be, your computer may have some issues with the Shockwave Plug-in. See Shockwave FAQ site.