Could Mars Support Life?
ESU701  Choosing a Landing Site

Today, our search for evidence of life on Mars uses robotic spacecraft, landers, and remotely controlled vehicles. Someday, missions may include sending humans to continue this exploration in person.

Planetary missions are very expensive, so target sites are chosen with great care to maximize the chances of success. The images below show the eight sites on Mars that you visited earlier.

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

Site 4

Site 5

Site 6

Site 7

Site 8

8. If you were to lead a mission to Mars, at which of the sites would you choose to land in your search for life on Mars? Describe why you think this site has the greatest chance of exhibiting evidence of life.

Based on the data you've collected, make a presentation that argues a case either for or against the likelihood that Mars has supported or could support life. Present your findings in a format that has been approved by your teacher.

  !   Use the links below as well as the ones on the following page to help you conduct research and strengthen your case.

Exploring Mars (NASA Dedicated Mars Website)
Mars Now (A Library and Museum Tour)
Make Your Own Maps of Mars
Mars Channels and Valleys

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