Could Mars Support Life?
ESU701  Exploring Surface Features on Mars

Although we know that organisms on Earth can survive under freezing conditions for long periods of time, liquid water is still considered to be essential for life to exist. Water has been detected on Mars at the polar ice caps, as frost on the surface, and as thin clouds in the Martian atmosphere. Still, we do not currently see oceans, lakes, or rivers of liquid water there. To search for areas that might support life, we explore areas that show evidence of flowing water in the past.

  !   Click each site on the Mars map below to see a close-up of that location. Carefully examine the surface features at each site for evidence of liquid water. In the table on your answer sheet, tell whether you see possible signs of flowing water, and describe the evidence you observe.

Locations exhibiting possible evidence of flowing water on Mars.

7. Record your observations for each site.

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