Could Mars Support Life?
ESU701  Life in Extreme Habitats

While Earth and Mars share similar features and processes, they also differ significantly. For example, temperatures on Earth's surface range from a high of about 58°C to a low of about -90°C. Temperatures on Mars are colder, averaging around

To know where and how to search for evidence of life on Mars, it helps to understand where life is found on Earth. Most living organisms on Earth are restricted to habitats with a narrow range of conditions, such as moderate temperatures and plentiful sunlight. Some places on Earth, like hot springs and caves, are considered to be extreme habitats because they lie outside the range of conditions in which most organisms live.

Amazingly, there are organisms capable of living in extreme environments. Some of the extreme environments on Earth resemble conditions found on Mars.

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5. In which of these habitats are you most surprised to find life, and why?

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