What Are the Costs and Benefits of Damming a River?
ESU401  Native Culture
US Department of the Interior/US Bureau of Reclamation
Glen Canyon Dam, by Norman Rockwell

This image portrays a comparison of old tradition with modern development.

4. Describe how you might have felt about a lake flooding the canyon if you had lived in the Glen Canyon area.

Though the presence of the lake has changed old ways for native cultures, it has also brought jobs to the area. Many Native Americans work at the dam and in tourist-related industries around the lake.

Consider the overall impact of the dam and lake on native cultures. Do you think the dam has proven to be a cost (negative effect) or a benefit (positive effect) for native culture? In the chart on your student answer sheet, use a scale from -2 to +2 to indicate your evaluation of the damís impact on native culture.

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