How Can One Volcano Change the World?
ESU301  January 2001 Satellite View
NASA/USGS/University of Hawaii
Mount Pinatubo as viewed by Landsat-7 in January, 2001. The volcano's summit is in the middle of the image, beneath clouds. Vegetation appears green, lahars are light purple, and water appears blue.

Over ten years have passed since the eruption in June, 1991. The mountain and land surrounding it are showing signs of recovery.

  !   Click the image for a larger view. Look for changes that have occurred since the eruption.

Click here to see false-color images that show the extent of vegetation around the summit in 1991, 1994, 1996, and 1998. In the SPOT images, vegetation appears red.

7. How have Earth's spheres changed since the eruption? Describe current interactions among Earth's spheres.

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