Paper or Plastic?
ESU201  V. Presentation of Your Position
Bryan L. Aivazian

Presentation of your research and the position you've decided to support is the crucial final step. Unless you communicate your findings, people will go on choosing bags based only on their own convenience, without regard to the effects on the Earth system.

Presentation ideas include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • debate against another group (two or three people on each side)
  • produce a position paper to inform students in your class or school about which type of bag is better
  • design a poster
  • create a consumer information brochure
  • prepare an electronic presentation

Ask your teacher to approve your presentation method in advance.

5. In a single sentence, summarize the goal of this step. List at least two final presentation ideas that appeal to you.

6. Based on what you currently know about paper and plastic bags, describe at least one reason that humans should make a research-based decision in choosing one type of bag over the other.

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