Paper or Plastic?
ESU201  III. Balanced Argument
Bryan L. Aivazian

As you gather information, remember that you should consider both sides of the question thoroughly before deciding which side to support. Whichever side you choose, you should understand the views of the opposing side. Presenting both sides of the argument shows that you are knowledgeable of both sets of views and that you are willing to consider the opposing viewpoint and find evidence to refute it.

In making your argument, you should also supply the context of the sources of all your information. For example, paper bag companies, plastic bag companies, and environmental groups have their own agendas in mind when they present information to the public. Consider the source of all information.

3. In a single sentence, summarize the goal of this step. Describe at least one issue in the paper-versus-plastic debate from both sides of the argument.

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