How Has Life Changed over Geologic Time?
ES3002  A Geologic Journey

Fossils tell a story of how life has changed through geologic time. By exploring fossils of different ages, it is possible to trace the history of life forms on Earth. Each dot on the map represents a site where fossils have been found.

  !   Move your cursor over each dot to see a photograph and the name of the fossil site. Click the dots to access Web pages that contain photographs and information about the fossils found at that location.

Map: Carla McAuliffe, TERC with data from ESRI Photos: National Park Service and BLM
Selected North American fossil sites.
As you visit these sites, you will be taking a geologic journey through time. The fossils at each site represent life forms that were present during different periods of time.

4. For each site, record the kinds of fossils that are found, the environment in which they lived, and the time frame during which they lived. It may also be helpful to record any geologic periods or epochs that are mentioned.

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