Why Does the Size of the Sun Appear to Change?
ES2603  Plot Earth's Orbit

Using the distances you calculated, you'll construct a scale model of Earth's orbit around the sun. In the model, the lines extending from the sun represent Earth's general location for each month.

  !   Click and drag an Earth icon onto the line for each month. Place the icon at the solar distance you calculated for that month. The lines are marked in millions of kilometers. After your model is complete, answer the questions below.



5. Describe the shape of the orbit you drew. How well does it match your prediction?

The nearest and farthest points in Earth's orbit have special names—the perihelion (literally "near sun") and aphelion ("far sun"). These occur at about the same time each year. Based on your table and the orbit you plotted, determine when perihelion and aphelion occur.

6. During which months does Earth's perihelion occur? When does Earth's aphelion occur?


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