Could You Break the Record for an Ocean Sailboat Race?
ES2407  Researching and Revising your Route

Access the links below to find out about the route you chose. At each Web site, scroll to find images or tables of current data. Explore each site for information to make certain you interpret the data accurately. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents may help you interpret the data.

  !    As you research your route, use different colors on this map to indicate areas you'd like to avoid or locations where you could travel the fastest. Refine your route to come up with what you think would be the fastest path around the world. After your research, draw your new route onto this map in a single color, and answer question 3 below., Inc.

Ocean Currents
Ocean Currents
Ocean Conditions
Ocean Weather
High Seas Marine Weather Forecast
Ocean Winds
Average wind speeds over a week
Wind speeds for yesterday and today
Tropical Storms
Tropical Storms
Northern Hemisphere Icebergs
Southern Hemisphere Icebergs

3. Use a different color to draw a new or revised route on the map on your answer sheet. Explain in detail your reasoning for taking this route. Include notes and symbols on your map to help illustrate your explanation.


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