How Can One Ocean Current Affect the Whole North Atlantic?
ES2403  Sea Surface Temperatures of North America and Northern Europe

How is it that palm trees thrive in the middle of winter at a place farther north than cities that have some of the harshest winters in North America? Sea surface temperatures can tell you something about out how this can happen. In this step, you'll record sea surface temperatures (SST) for Canadian and European cities at similar latitudes.

  !   Click the red dot labeled "Canadian Cities" and record average July SST for Halifax and St. Johns, Canada. Click the dot labeled "European Cities" to record July data for Cork, London, and Amsterdam. Click January below the map and repeat the steps to record average January SST for all five cities.

TERC, Visual Earth

2. Record sea surface temperatures for January and July in your data table.

3. What patterns do you observe?

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