How Does the Temperature at One Location Change over a Year?
ES1706  Quantifying Elevation and Temperature

The effect of elevation on temperature can be examined by graphing the two measurements. This scatter plot shows temperatures associated with different elevations in Colorado on August 13, 2001.

A trend line can be plotted to show the "best fit" of a line through the points. While the line does not cross over every point, it has been drawn so that there is roughly the same number of points above the line as below it.

  !   Click the "show trend" button to reveal the trend line.

Data from National Weather Service

4. Look at the trend line through the scatter plot. What is the approximate change in temperature for every 1,000 foot (ft) increase in elevation?

5. Shrine Pass is about 75 miles west of Denver at an elevation of 11,050 ft above sea level (about 6,000 ft higher than Denver). If the temperature in Denver is 82°, predict the temperature at Shrine Pass.

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