Have Flood Controls on the Mississippi River Been Successful?
ES1308  Landsat Images of Tri-River Area

The area where the Illinois, Mississippi, and Missouri Rivers flow together is called the Tri-River area. The graphic below shows images of the Tri-River area taken by the Landsat Thematic Mapper satellite before, during, and after the flood of 1993.

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NASA—Goddard Space Flight Center
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The August 1991 image shows thriving crops in the area. The July 1993 image was taken just after the peak of the flooding; reddish areas show where water had started to recede. The color difference of the surrounding land in the November 1993 image is due to seasonal changeŚleaves had fallen from the trees and crops had been harvested from the fields. Focus on the changes that occurred in the floodplain.

7. Examine the three satellite images. Describe the major differences in the landscape before, during, and after flooding.

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