How Does Stream Flow Change over Time?
ES1301  Introduction

Rivers are vital resources: we use them for our public water supply, to irrigate crops, to generate electrical energy at hydroelectrical dams, and for recreation. Our ability to continue using rivers for these purposes requires us to monitor them. Successful management of rivers requires knowing how much water flows in a river and the factors that control flow amounts.

  !   Examine the images and captions, then answer the question below.

Release of water from the Glen Canyon Dam, on the Colorado River, AZ.
The Santa Cruz River is usually dry. This photo shows the river after heavy rains.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineering
Beltz Lake formed by dam on Pohopoco River, Carbon and Monroe Counties, Pennsylvania
Snow-capped mountains along river in Alaska

1. Describe three factors that control how much water is flowing in a river.

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