What Forces Created These Geologic Features?
ES1106  Appalachian Mountain Belt

The fold and thrust belt of the Appalachian Mountains formed approximately 200 million years ago. These mountains were formed in a process similar to that forming the Himalayan Mountains today.

You’ve examined side views of other features; now you see just the map view. Try to visualize how a cross section of this area would look, cut along a line from the top left to the bottom right of the image.

  !   Move your cursor over the image to highlight ridges and thrust faults exposed at the surface. Answer the questions below.

Satellite view of part of the Appalachian Mountains, Virginia

9. What type of force was responsible for creating the folds and faults in the Appalachian Mountains?

10. What tectonic process might be responsible for applying this force over an area as large as the Appalachian Mountains?

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