Is It Safe to Live Near a Volcano?
ES0907  Draw Evacuation Area Around Mount Rainier

Imagine that Mount Rainier had begun showing signs of awakening, experiencing earthquakes similar to those that occurred at Mount St. Helens. In order to save lives, what kind of evacuation plan would you implement?

Consider the following issues when outlining your evacuation plan:

  • When should people leave the area? At the first earthquake, or not until the volcano starts smoking?
  • What should people be allowed to take with them when an evacuation order is issued? Pets? Livestock? Household goods? If everyone tried to take everything they owned, might traffic jams keep people from getting out of the area in time?
  • What should be done about people who don’t want to leave?
  • What if the area was successfully evacuated and then the volcano didn't erupt? When would you allow people to return to their homes?
  • Where will everyone go? What will happen to businesses, factories, and airports in the evacuated zone?

  !   Use the drawing tool to outline the area you would recommend for evacuation. Answer questions 6 and 7 below.



6. Draw a line around the area you would recommend for evacuation onto your map.

7. Outline a plan for safely and efficiently evacuating residents from the area you identified. Consider the issues listed above when outlining your plan. You may want to follow links presented in Step 11 to gather more information for your plan.


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