Is It Safe to Live Near a Volcano?
ES0907  3-D Views and Zones of Destruction

The direction of the lateral blast and the shape of existing valleys and river channels resulted in distinct zones of destruction around the volcano.

  !   Click the images to see simulated 3-D flybys of the volcano after the eruption. The topography has been vertically exaggerated to help you visualize the shape of the volcano. Drag the slider back and forth to examine the volcano from all sides.

Satellite image showing eruption debris draped over 3-D topography model.
Jennifer Loomis, TERC
Image outlining distinct zones of destruction draped over 3-D topography model.

Five distinct zones of destruction resulted from the eruption. The map below shows the location of each zone.

  !   Click each Zone button below the map to explore photographs of destruction in that zone. Click each thumbnail image to see a larger view and additional information about the devastation.

2. In the chart on your answer sheet, describe the impact in each zone. Give a descriptive name to each zone to indicate the cause of the destruction.

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