What Environmental Changes Can We See with Satellites?
ES0707  Measuring Growth

  !   Examine each cell in the grid below to decide if it meets your criteria for being covered by urban development. If it does, click the cell and it will be highlighted and counted as 1 square mile of developed land. After you've clicked all the developed cells on the first image, record the total area of developed land for that year.

If you want to view a copy of the images without the grid for reference, click here to open an extra window showing all four satellite images.

  !   Click Continue to move to the next satellite image. On the new image, examine cells outside the area you already marked and decide if they are developed. Record the total area of developed land on each image before you move to the next image.

If you want to start over at any time, click Refresh or Reload in your browser window.



6. Record your area measurements in the table.

7. How has the area of the city changed through time?

8. What factors might explain why some parts of the city are growing at faster rates than others?


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