What Environmental Changes Can We See with Satellites?
ES0707  Measuring Criteria

To analyze how the city's area has increased, you'll measure the area covered by urban landscape features such as houses, schools, roads, parks, and golf courses in each image.

This image shows a close-up view of the measuring grid you will be using. For each cell in the grid, you will examine the image and decide if it is covered by urban development (the items listed above) or not. Cells along the edge of the developed zone may show only part of the square covered with development, while some other part of the cell is still undisturbed. You will need to make a judgment in each case whether a cell should be counted as developed or not.

Landsat false color image of Las Vagas, Nevada taken in 1972.

4. List at least two criteria you will use to determine if an area has experienced urban development.

5. How much of the area of a square should contain developed land if you are to include its count in the overall measurements?

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