What Time Is It?
ES0405  A Moment In Time

At any given time on Earth, half of our planet is lit by the sun and half is cloaked in darkness. Examining the graphics below, you can easily see where day and night occur. This investigation will help you identify where morning, afternoon, and evening occur, and give you practice understanding time zones.

Each of the four graphic models below shows Earth from a different perspective. The models all represent the same moment in time. Examine the images to see which parts of Earth are experiencing day and night.

  !   Click the Show Continents button below to show the names of continents.

Images captured using Earth and Moon Viewer by John Walker
and with satellite imagery provided by the Living Earth, Inc.
The top images show Earth as seen from space. The bottom image is a map projection that displays a global view of Earth. All four images show Earth at the same moment in time.

1. Which continents are experiencing day in the image?

2. Which continents are experiencing night?

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