How Might You Investigate Scientific Phenomena?
ES0205  Develop Your Own Scientific Investigation

Based on the example you've just seen, develop a plan for conducting your own scientific investigation of satellite data. You will not have to actually collect the data and reach a conclusion as part of this activity: the point is to outline one way that you could go about doing the study.

Click the link below to explore the variety of satellite data images available at the NASA Earth Observatory. Click dataset names in the left column on the Earth Observatory site to read data descriptions. Follow the instructions on any of the data pages to create single or paired animations similar to the ones you've seen in this investigation. After you've found data that interests you, use the general outline below to list the specific steps of your own investigation.

Click here to access datasets from NASA Earth Observatory

I. Observing: Make a list of the data sets you examined.

II. Ask Questions: Write questions that come to mind during your observation of different datasets.

III. Form a Hypothesis: Select one of your questions and turn it into a hypothesis.

IV. Design a research method: List ways you might investigate the issue.

V. Data Collection: Describe what data you might collect.

VI. Hypothesis Testing: Describe how you would use the data to test the hypothesis.

VII. Sharing your findings: Describe how you might share the findings of this investigation.

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