How Might a Scientist Investigate Annual Patterns of Fires?
E0201  Departure from Average Greenness

This map shows the level of green compared to the normal level of green for that week of the year. Areas with low values (reds, oranges, and yellows) are less green (drier) than normal and areas with high values (greens) are greener than normal for that time of year.

  !   Move your cursor over each site to see an enlarged view. Compare the color at each site with the legend to estimate the location's potential for wildfire.

USDA Forest Service, Wildland Fire Assessment System

Examine the values at each site, and rate the risk of fire from 1 to 5 based on how much drier or greener than normal the site is. Use 1 to indicate a low potential for a fire; use 5 to indicate a high potential for fire.

3. Record your fire potential rating for each site based on its departure from average greenness.

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