How Might a Scientist Investigate Annual Patterns of Fires?
ES0201  Relative Greenness

This relative greenness image shows how green each area is compared to how green it ever gets over the course of a year. New images are produced from satellite data each week. High relative greenness percentages indicate lots of green and healthy vegetation. Low percentages indicate vegetation that has not yet grown to its full seasonal potential, or vegetation that has already reached its maximum and is now drying up.

  !   Move your cursor over each site (A through E) to see an enlarged view. Compare the color at each site with the legend to estimate the location's potential for wildfire.

USDA Forest Service, Wildland Fire Assessment System

Rate the potential for a wildfire for each of the fire sites, using a scale of 1 to 5. Assign a 1 to an area you believe is not likely to burn; assign a 5 to an area you think is almost certain to burn. (You can assign the same rating to several sites if they all have the same potential for fire. Rate each site independently of the others rather than ordering them from lowest to highest risk).

2. Record your fire potential rating for each site based on its relative greenness.

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