How Do Interactions among Earth's Spheres Vary Regionally?
ES0108  Hydrosphere/Atmosphere Interactions
  !   Click the image to see an animation of global temperatures over three years. Use the movie controls to stop the animation on any month. Examine the temperatures along the equator and in the polar regions.

NASA Earth Observatory
Monthly images showing surface temperatures on land and sea over three years

Temperature is a major factor in evaporation, the transfer of water from the hydrosphere to the atmosphere. The higher a location's temperature, the more easily water evaporates at that location.

7. Based on temperatures near the equator and the poles, describe how the hydrosphere and the atmosphere interact at each location.

8. Think about how quickly or slowly evaporation occurs at your location. (For instance, consider how long it takes a damp towel to dry out.) Describe interactions between the hydrosphere and atmosphere you can infer for your location.

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