Learn more about the impacts of earthquakes in populated areas.

Soil Liquefaction Home Page
Liquefaction Experiment
Video and Images of Liquefaction
Damage Due to Liquefaction
The Real Dirt on Liquefaction
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Tsunami Research - University of Southern California
Tsunami Research - University of Washington
National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program
The Savage Earth
Pacific Tsunami Museum
National Geographic Data Center - Tsunami
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Earthquake Preparedness and Mitigation
Federal Emergency Management Agency
USGS - Earthquake Hazard Maps
USGS - Earthquake Preparedness
USGS - Earthquake Prediction
USGS - Earthquake Hazard Program: World Map
Southern California Earthquake Center
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Earthquake Destruction Images
Pymatuning, PA, 1998
Northridge, CA, 1994
Loma Prieta, CA, 1989
San Francisco, CA, 1906 - Video
San Francisco, CA, 1906 - Images
Prince William Sound, AK, 1964
Images of Historical Earthquakes
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