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To play, click on the desired block with your mouse, or move the cursor with your ARROW KEYS. When the block is highlighted, type your letter. To switch from across to down or vice versa use the ARROW KEYS or Control-CLICK with your mouse. To clear the puzzle, click on your browser's REFRESH or RELOAD button. After clicking "Check Answers", incorrect letters will be marked with an "X". Your teacher has access to the completed puzzle.

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3.Controlling the use of natural resources
5.U.S. entry into this helped NAWSA (2 wrds)
7.Roosevelt's economic reforms broke up these
10.What the Sixteenth Amendment created (2 wrds)
11.First state to give women suffrage
12.When a proposed law is voted on by the people
13.To vote someone out of office
1.She took a hatchet to alcohol (2 wrds)
2.The Jungle led to investigation of this industry
4.Umbrella term for reform movements
6.The Nineteenth Amendment gave them the vote
8.The Seventeenth Amendment let voters elect theme
9.When voters control their government