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Special Feature Links

Use the links below to find more information on the special features in this chapter and to explore related topics.

Citizenship Today: The News Media

Grade the News
A Web site that is devoted to judging news media coverage in the San Francisco area. Includes some interesting articles about bias and inaccuracies in the media, as well as a wealth of related links.

Code of Ethics ethics_code.asp
From the Society of Professional Journalists, the code of ethics that journalists strive to follow.

NewsWatch: A Consumer's Guide to the News MediaLit/ mlr/ home/ index.html
A "media watchdog," this Center for Media and Public Affairs site uncovers inaccuracies, bias, and trends in current news stories.

Technology of the Time: The Panama Canal

How the Panama Canal Works eng/ general/ howitworks/
Describes the physical features of the Panama Canal and explains in more detail how it works.