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Special Feature Links

Use the links below to find more information on the special features in this chapter and to explore related topics.

Citizenship Today: Voting

Mock Elections index.html
Mock Elections Web site for students of Monterey & San Benito Counties in California.

Economics in History: Tariffs

Protective Tariffs or Free Trade System archive/ marx/ works/ 1847/ 06/ 01.htm
Frederick Engels essay debating the benefits and limitations of protective tariffs and the free trade system.

The Timeline of U.S. Tariffs app/ understandingTaxes/ js/ theme2/ 2_2_3.html
Internal Revenue Service time line explaining the tariff and how they it has figured into history.

The Protective Tariff public_html/ The_Great_Republic_By_the_Master_Historians_Vol_III/ protective_bi.html
Article explaining the need for the protective tariff and the difficulties faced by the United States in its trade dealings with France and Great Britain.