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Chapter Objectives

Chapter Objective
The student will evaluate the presidency of Richard Nixon, the Watergate scandal, and the efforts of Presidents Ford and Carter to solve the problems facing the nation in the 1970s.

SECTION 1 Nixon Confronts Problems

  1. To identify domestic problems facing the nation in 1968
  2. To evaluate Nixon's actions to restore law and order
  3. To summarize American economic conditions in the early 1970s
  4. To describe how President Nixon pursuedhis foreign policy goals

SECTION 2 Watergate Brings Down Nixon

  1. To analyze the 1972 presidential election
  2. To trace events leading to the Watergate scandal
  3. To describe the Watergate investigation and Nixon's resignation
  4. To evaluate the effects of the Watergate scandal

SECTION 3 Issues of the Seventies

  1. To summarize events of the Ford presidency
  2. To evaluate the Carter presidency
  3. To describe the environmental movement
  4. To analyze the 1980 presidential race