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The Internet offers a range of social studies resources, including Web sites of museums, government agencies, educational institutions, and the news media. Listed below are links to some outstanding social studies Web sites.

Navigating Primary Source Materials on the Internet navigating/
A portal to a wide variety of primary source Internet resources. By Kathy Schrock.

McDougal Littell Current Events
Current information on world events, geography, politics, economics, and social issues, including a weekly current events quiz.

About Geography
Internet subject directories on general and specific topics in geography, including atlases and maps, glossaries, cartography, GIS and GPS, country facts, and climate and weather.

National Geographic
Web site of the National Geographic Society, with articles about issues in global geography. Also a useful resource for maps of many regions.

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection maps/
University of Texas collection of up-to-date and historical maps from around the world.

The Geography Zone new/ index.php?t=2& b=0
This "Geography Facts" page from the Geography Zone Web site provides answers to frequently-asked questions, including "What are the deepest parts of the ocean?", "Which countries have the largest area?", "What are the capitals of the countries in the world?", and "What is the world's tallest active volcano?"

Geography Network
Lets users search for digital maps and other geographic data by selecting a specific region.

Country Profiles journeytoplanetearth/ profiles/
Profiles of countries around the world and links to features on world geography, culture, and history.

The World Factbook library/ publications/ the-world-factbook/ index.html
U.S. Central Intelligence Agency site providing annually updated information for every country, including population, geography, religious and ethnic make-up, economic facts, and government and military structure.

About Economics
Comprehensive site providing Internet subject directories on economic history, economic philosophy, economics in the news, glossaries, and subtopics such as macro- and microeconomics, money, inflation, the stock market, and business cycles.

History history/
BBC Web site providing background and features on major historical events.

The History Net
An affiliate providing Internet subject directories organized by country, region, historical period, and many specific topics.

This Day in History today/
Site allowing users to select a date and view a list of historical events on that date.

History, Arts, and Culture Citizen/ Topics/ History.shtml
Links to history and culture Web sites of the Smithsonian Institute, the Library of Congress and other government institutions.

The Smithsonian Institute
Web site of the Smithsonian Institute, whose mission is to foster learning about American identity, history, and heritage, while "promoting innovation, research, and discovery in science."

American Memory
Collections of the National Digital Library, including historic photographs, film clips, and speeches that can be downloaded from the site.

Internet History Sourcebooks halsall/
Public domain copies of historical texts and primary sources organized according to various historical eras, regions, and themes.

Library of Congress
The Library of Congress maintains online exhibits on topics in American history and world history and cultures and provides links to external sites on many historical themes.

National Park Service
Manager of national parks in the U.S. provides Web sites on many historical and cultural sites throughout the country.

U.S. Census Bureau
Bureau charged with coordinating a population census each decade provides the most recently gathered national, state, and county population data.

The White House.
Official White House Web site provides press releases on the president's official activities, policies, appointments, speeches, and presidential orders.

This comprehensive site provides information about the U.S. Congress—its functions, leaders, history, and policies. The Classroom Resources section provides many historical documents and primary sources, including the U.S. Constitution, George Washington's State of the Union Address, and the Compromise of 1850. You'll also find a link to About Government—a site that explores all there is to know about the federal government.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures index.htm
Read about the ancient civilizations of China, Greece, Rome, India, Egypt, and medieval Europe in this excellent online introduction to world cultures. This University of Evansville site provides many important texts and documents. They include the Bhagavad-Gita, Plato's Apology, Virgil's Aeneid, the Analects of Confucius, and the Magna Carta. You'll also find essays and chronologies covering each culture.

National Geographic's MapMachine map-machine#theme=Street& c=0|0& sf=187648892.534865
Looking for geographic facts about a specific country, region, continent, or city? National Geographic's MapMachine provides a wealth of detailed animated maps. View maps according to physical attributes, such as mineral resources, vegetation, recent and historic earthquakes, natural landscapes, and much more. Other categories include Street Maps, Historic Maps, Atlas Maps, Flags and Facts, Mars, and World Themes.

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History site provides many U.S. history resources, including an online "Hypertext History" textbook, primary-source documents, and links to Web sites with related newspaper articles, manuscripts, pamphlets, photographs, illustrations, video, and audio. The site's Reference Room and Explorations for Teachers and Students are both worthwhile sections to visit.

PBS–History history/
PBS has a collection of Web sites that are designed as companions to its past and present TV documentaries and programs. Choose from sites listed under the following categories: Ancient World, Biographies, United States, War and Espionage, and World History. Each category features Web sites that focus on an array of topics and offer interactive time lines, maps, photos, essays, interviews, virtual tours, activities, quizzes, and more.

Online NewsHour Extra newshour/ extra/ index.html
Part of Online NewsHour, the official Web companion to the PBS program NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, this student site reports on the latest events and news around the globe.