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Chapter Assessment Technology Activity

Want to show what you know? Use the Internet and the preselected Web sites provided below to complete the end-of-chapter Internet activity.

Daily Life in the 1700s

Making a Class Presentation

Colonial American culture was not like modern American culture. Using the library or the Internet, find images, literature, and informative articles that tell you about daily life in the early and middle 1700s.

Create a presentation about colonial culture using the suggestions below.

  • Stage a fashion show that illustrates what people of different ranks and ethnic backgrounds wore.
  • Create a dramatic play based on the experiences of an interesting figure from the chapter, such as Madam Sarah Knight, Benjamin Franklin, or Pontiac.
  • Illustrate sayings from Poor Richard's Almanack.
  • Give an oral report on a colonial captivity narrative. For example, find out what happened to Mary Rowlandson among the Narragansett.