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Chapter Objectives

Chapter Objective
The student will understand the social, economic, and cultural changes in American life from the late 19th century to the beginning of World War I.

SECTION 1 Cities Grow and Change

  1. To explain how industrialization changed city life
  2. To understand how technology and the streetcar altered city life
  3. To describe urban living conditions and how reformers tried to improve them
  4. To analyze how political machines influenced city governments

SECTION 2 The New Immigrants

  1. To describe changes in immigration patterns in the late 1800s
  2. To understand where and how immigrants settled and the jobs they took
  3. To explain the process of assimilation and efforts to restrict immigration

SECTION 3 Segregation and Discrimination

  1. To understand how racism caused discrimination and the spread of segregation
  2. To describe the impact of Plessy v. Ferguson and explain why African Americans organized
  3. To understand the effects of violence and racism throughout the country

SECTION 4 Society and Mass Culture

  1. To understand how education and publishing grew during this period
  2. To identify the impact of modern advertising and new products on people's lives
  3. To trace the growth of leisure time activities
  4. To describe popular leisure activities