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Chapter Objectives

Chapter Objective
The student will understand how the Civil War began, its progress during the early years, and its impact on Union and Confederate soldiers.

SECTION 1 War Erupts

  1. To describe how fighting began at Fort Sumter
  2. To analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each side
  3. To explain each side's basic strategy
  4. To summarize the results of the First Battle of Bull Run

SECTION 2 Life in the Army

  1. To explain who joined the armies
  2. To describe military training and supplies of the era
  3. To summarize the hardships of army life
  4. To identify changes in military technology

SECTION 3 No End in Sight

  1. To analyze the importance of the Union victories in the West
  2. To explain how the fall of New Orleans helped the Union
  3. To analyze Lee's victories in the East and his decision to invade the North
  4. To describe the outcome of the Battle of Antietam