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Chapter Assessment Technology Activity

Want to show what you know? Use the Internet and the preselected Web sites provided below to complete the end-of-chapter Internet activity.

Life in Army Training Camps

Making a Class Presentation

Life in the army training camps during the Civil War was hard. Information about life in the camps comes from primary sources. Using the library and the Internet, find diaries, letters, photographs, and news articles about daily life.

Plan an electronic presentation on army life for your class. Use the list of suggested topics below to begin brainstorming.

  • Drawings, maps, and photos show the design of a typical camp
  • Items used for cooking, lodging, sanitation, military drilling, and recreation
  • Drills and maneuvers soldiers learned
  • Personal belongs of the Yankees and rebels
  • Firsthand accounts of camp life from letters and diaries
  • Changes in camp life as the war dragged on

Civil War Diaries of Van Buren Oldham departments/ acadpro/ library/ departments/ special_collections/ wc_hist/ vboldham.htm
Site includes a biography of Confederate soldier Oldlham, as well as diary entries for 1863.

Civil War Diaries library/ SpecialCollections/ civil1.html
Includes diaries of two Civil War soldiers, Gould D. Molineaux and Basil H. Messler, both of whom served in the Union Army near Vicksburg, Mississippi.