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Writing About History: Biographical Narratives

Revision & Evaluation: When revising, check for strong word choice and clear organization. Read aloud dialogue to make sure it sounds natural, not stiff. Make sure that you have included details, background information, and position statements. Your teacher may use this rubric to evaluate your proposal.


Structure of Narrative

Content of Narrative

Errors in Mechanics


introduction presents background information; body tells a clearly told incident; conclusion summarizes viewpoint

shows thorough understanding of subject; excellent use of facts

few or none


introduction provides some background; body contains some details about an incident; conclusion suggests viewpoint

shows good understanding of subject; good use of facts



undeveloped introduction, body, and conclusion, but contains some important details

shows some understanding of subject; some use of facts



disorganized introduction, body, and conclusion, and lacks many important details

shows little or no understanding; few facts

many major